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Conquering El Teide: A Journey to the Clouds

What an incredible journey it was, climbing up El Teide National Park all the way from the village of El Medano at sea level.

Heading up west of San Isidro, I reached Granadilla de Abona before scaling the Montana Colorada.

Instead of taking the direct route, I went down to Chasna, next to Villaflor, where I started the last and most challenging climb of the day.

The landscape constantly changed as I gained altitude, revealing breathtaking lunar vistas and a sense of being alone in the clouds on a vast lava field. It was an otherworldly experience, with the rugged terrain and stark beauty of the surroundings pushing me to my limits.

But what a climb it was, and I pushed on until I finally reached the summit at Alto de Guajara, almost 2700m above my starting point.

It was a moment of pure elation, and the reward was worth every grueling step.

The descent was steep and treacherous, with snow and ice making it slippery and dangerous.

But I managed to keep my footing and make it down safely, and the sunny spell that followed was a welcome relief.

The entire experience was amazing, hard on the body but so rewarding for the mind. It was a true test of my limits, and I feel incredibly proud of what I achieved.

This is the route I followed, all the way up. It's about 42k long with 3000m of ascend. There is minimal road there and the only city I had to go through was Granadilla the Abona.

The route is mostly tracks, trails and paths which makes it almost traffic free. Bar the pain, it was very pleasant.

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