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Updated: Nov 30, 2022

What was I doing at 5am on a bus in the middle of the Franconian countryside on a Sunday morning? And how did I end up there?

If I can easily answer the first question, the second one is still a mystery to me...

One day, about 5 years ago, out of nowhere, I decided that triathlon was the perfect sport for me. Completely out of nowhere as I was spending more time on golf courses or practice ranges than swimming, biking and running. Still, I was a keen runner, regularly training for marathons but started to get bored by the repetitive sessions and the relative lack of improvement. So I drew the conclusion that triathlon was perfect because when I'll be bored of running, I'll go swimming and once bored of swimming, I could go cycling, then go full circle to running again. Plus it seems perfectly doable to wrap up an Olympic triathlon in around 2h30 which seems to be just the right length of effort compare to the 4-ish hours it takes to finish a marathon. And to satisfy my ego, I wasn't abandoning marathons on a failure but rather changing direction and enhancing my endurance level into other activities.

Sounds perfect!

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